UHWK HD kamera

UHWK Actionkamera

  • Artnr: 901 UHWK

Beskrivning av artikel

UHWK is a high-definition sports camera that packs an impressive punch. Contoured to flow with the angles of the surfaces it is mounted to, it’ll fly effortlessly through a game.

UHWK’s sports-grade body comes with a rubberized finish and is designed to withstand impacts if it doesn’t deflect them first.

One-button ‘toggle control’ allows you to effortlessly splice your favorite moments and 2 hours of battery life gets you enough time for your whole game.

Full 1080P HD and stereo audio in -40 /+40 degree temperatures; UHWK gets you the clearest of image in the toughest of environments.

Fully pre-charged, blank 8GB Micro SD Card, all the mounts.

All ready to go, right of the box.

What are you waiting for? Show what ya got.